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Keeping dogs in their homes, by creating relationships through better communication between dogs and their families.

Serving the greater Charlotte area, The Dog College specializes in helping owners enjoy long lasting behavioral improvements with their dogs. The most effective way to do this is to first train your dog focusing on breaking down the obedience into easy steps for your dog to learn the skills needed to obey the commands. This is done through positive reinforcement training. Once your dog has learned the command we slowly layer the remote training collar into the training if you have selected a training package with an e-collar. We are one of the few dog training companies that lets you select between traditional slip leash training and Modern e-collar training. Our training program is about developing strong impulse control and relaxation skills, as well as rock solid obedience commands off leash. Then we work with you to leverage your dog's new skills to establish a new, leadership relationship. This combination is powerful not only for providing immediate improvement in your dog's behavior but also in empowering you with the skills to maintain that good behavior for the rest of its life with you. All clients have our ongoing support. Helping you maintain a good relationship with your dog is the greatest source of satisfaction for us. We post regularly to Facebook and invite you to Like our page to see tips and updates on the dogs we are working with. There's also a private Facebook page for Dog College clients to share stories and ask questions. And of course we're just a text, phone call, or email away for more specific questions or to hear a success story!
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