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About us

The Dog College excels at training your four legged best friend. Whether it's the basics or advanced obedience training needed. As you will see below, this husband and wife training team possesses the experience and skills needed to successfully train both you and your furry friend. Jeff started training dogs in 1989, and this passion has taken him around the world. He  also has spent three years as head trainer at the largest boarding/training center in Charlotte NC. Had the privilege to train service dogs for Green Beret Foundation and Charlotte Bridge Home. Training over nine hundred pet companion dogs of all breeds to date. Presented dog training seminars for dog training clubs in both North and South America. Police K9 buying agent and IGP/IPO/ Schutzhund competitor. He has also competed to the highest level in the triathlon dog sport "Schutzhund" which includes three phases- tracking, obedience and protection that are judged individually. Less then 2% of people that participate in Schutzhund ever make it to National level. Of that group then 1% will ever earn a V rating of 94-100 points in one of all three categories of tracking, obedience and protection. Jeff has accomplished this feat three times! Experience as both trainer and handler of explosives and detection K9 training makes us your dogs first choice. Extensive travels throughout North America and Europe. Attending and training with the top behaviorist and trainers in the world.
Jenny has fourteen years of dog training experience. She has also successfully competed at the Regional level of IGP dog competition and was a contributing tram member of winning the 2010 USCA SE highest scoring club in the region with her German Shepherd dog Conny. She now specializes in companion pet obedience training and created the Adventure Training Fieldtrip program that we use exclusively at The Dog College. 
This knowledge is what sets us apart from the rest!
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