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how our training program works...

Start day will be on a scheduled Sunday late afternoon to early evening at prearranged location in the Monroe/Wingate if you live near or in the Charlotte area. For clients in the Pinehurst/Aberdeen area drop off and graduation will be held at our training facility in Rockingham/Hamlet.

Our usual training day starts at 6:30 am and ends around 10:30pm. During the day your dog will have breakfast, several training sessions, supervised play breaks, dinner, bedtime biscuits and lots of TLC!  

When your dog is ready, we start adventure training fieldtrips. We also keep you updated every Monday evening on the past week training with both personal training pictures and a report card showing the progress towards our graduation goals.


Meetup location will be in Monroe/Wingate for the Charlotte area dogs. Pinehurst/Aberdeen area dogs will meet at our nearby training facility in Rockingham/Hamlet.

 Plan on a little over two hours of instruction with you and your dog. This will be a fun training session for both you and your pup. We will also be sending a detailed training video of your dog demonstrating all the obedience commands with reminders of command words and instructions. Also included placebed, slip leash, long line and a Mini-Educator collar custom equipped for your dog's size, coat type and temperament.


We are always available for questions and if needed provide free training refresher for you and your dog at no charge​.


Vaccination shot records: current Bordetella, DHLPP and Rabies.

Favorite Toy / Bone

Food for duration of stay  

Favorite treat

Flea/Heartworm meds if due during stay


Half down payment due first day of school. Remaining payment due on Graduation Day.

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