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The format of a Board and Train, where we train your dog and then teach you how to maintain his new behavior. This training program is extremely effective and is a great solution for the busy owner that may not have the time or patience to train themselves. Board and trains tend to be much easier on your dog. In a new environment without any pre-existing patterns it's much easier for him to adopt new behaviors. Ultimately, the final goal for any training program is for the dog to continue to listen to you and maintain his good behavior long after the formal training is done. This ongoing success come about when your dog learns to believe in your leadership. For most clients, establishing leadership is an unfamiliar process, at best.  That process is made infinitely easier when the dog has already learned the commands and the missing piece is just having his owner hold him accountable for his new skills. All Board and Train packages include a graduation video of your dog performing all commands with instruction & tips and a two hour+ Go-Home session. During this session we focus on how you can leverage your dog's new skills around impulse control, relaxation, and obedience commands to establish a leadership role with him. Lifetime follow ups included at our facility that are done once every month on a Sunday.

Please check out our exciting training packages below.



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