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Working on "Place" with distractions at our private training field in Wingate, NC.

Items included in FOUNDATION and BEHAVIOR PACKAGES (Place bed, remote collar, 20ft leash and 6ft slip leash). FREEDOM PACKAGE only comes with remote collar.

Archie showing off "Down with Duration"on top of the climbing wall. 
Final testing before graduation in the real world.


The format of a Board and Train, where I train your dog and then teach you how to maintain his new behavior. This training program is extremely effective and is a great solution for the busy owner that may not have the time or patience to train themselves. Board and trains tend to be much easier on your dog. In a new environment without any pre-existing patterns it's much easier for him to adopt new behaviors.
Ultimately, the final goal for any training program is for the dog to continue to listen to you and maintain his good behavior long after the formal training is done. This ongoing success come about when your dog learns to believe in your leadership. For most clients, establishing leadership is an unfamiliar process, at best.  That process is made infinitely easier when the dog has already learned the commands and the missing piece is just having his owner hold him accountable for his new skills.
All Board and Train packages include a graduation video of your dog performing all commands with instruction & tips and a Private two hour Go-Home session. During this session we focus on how you can leverage your dog's new skills around impulse control, relaxation, and obedience commands to establish a leadership role with him.
Lifetime follow ups included at our facility that are done once every month on a Sunday.

$949.00  ($229 remote training collar included)

​This is a 5-day board and train conditioning your dog to the remote training collar and teaching rock-solid recall under high distractions.
This choice is ideal if you want to take your dog for a walk on leash without pulling or lunging or off leas hiking, or to the beach, but lack the confidence that your dog will come when called in every situation. It's limited to dogs who have no behavioral problems and ideally your dog has strong basic obedience, although that's not a requirement. Loose leash Heel and Recall (Come or Here) is the only command included. However, after your dog has been introduced to remote collar recall training, it will be much easier for you to strengthen your dog's obedience commands.



$1945.00 ($229 remote training collar, place bed, 20ft leash and 6ft slip leash included)

This is a 3-week board and train for dogs needing obedience training; for some "light" behavioral issues a 4th week may be needed.
This is a good choice if your dog needs a solid foundation in obedience. Typical issues include your dog not coming when called, "not listening" to your commands, pulling on leash, getting overly excited when guests come to your home, not being able to go out and about with you because of unpredictable (or predictably bad!) behavior. Your dog will learn how to be "Calm on Command". He'll also know Place, Heel, Sit, Down, and Recall (Come or Here) and be fully off-leash trained including fully reliable recall in high distraction environments.
*Light behavioral issues addressed in the Foundation Package is typically light leash reactivity (over-excited barking, lunging) and fear-based barking and lunging.


$2245.00 to $2745.00
($229 remote training collar, place bed, 20ft leash and 6ft slip leash included)

​4 week minimum. Length and rate are based on the severity of the behavior.

This package is designed for more severe behavioral issues. The length and fee are based on the behavior and its severity. Cases of anxiety including separation anxiety, fear, and nervousness typically fall on the lower end as does resource guarding (growling, barking, or lunging at humans or dogs over toys, food, or any valued resource) and are usually a 4-week stay.
In addition to the behavioral rehabilitation, your dog will also learn everything offered in the Foundation Package including: Polite Walk, Sit, Down, Come, and Place. He will also be fully off-leash trained including reliable recall in high distraction environments.







We welcome all Breeds.
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